Avant-garde: Spahlinger and Haas

Avant-garde 50 is a spotify playlist that present avant-garde music composed after 1945.

Mathias Spahlinger is a German composer born in 1944. I think that the most fascinating aspect of his pieces is the form. For instance, in Passage / paysage from 1988 where he get stuck the last 10 minutes repeating basically the same note. Or in Extension where most of first movement is sparse and quiet point music but near the end have a brief outburst of very romantic chamber music. The third movement of Farben der Frühe for seven pianos also have a unusual form. The same pitch is repeated for more then eight minutes before the movement is ended with bursts of very modernistic cascades of notes.

Georg Fredrich Haas is and German composer born in 1953. Simply put, one can say that his style is a mix of the early micro polyphony of Ligeti and the French spectral school. “… und …” is a piece for chamber orchestra and electronics. The way Haas is orchestrating different spectrum I think is very nicely done.

Enjoy! (click here to open the playlist in spotify).




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