The Jazz mixtape #002

Notes on update #002 of The Jazz mixtape.

Happy birthday David Bowie. Sue (Or in a Seson of Crime) is a collaboration between David Bowie and the composer/arranger Maria Schneider. She described the collaboration in a newly released documentary about David Bowie’s last 5 last years. The result is very good and once again showed what a adventurous and curious musician David Bowie was. Many of the musicians from that session also participated on his last album, Blackstar.

There are a couple of Latin American flavoured albums that I currently listen to. The first one is the afro-colombian inspired Pensamiento album by the Canadian trumpeter/composer Rachel Therrien. The second album is Metal Na Madeira with the Brazilian singer Paula Santoro and guitarist Ian Faquini.

Rakim is known to be influenced by Jazz, especially John Coltrane. In his early years he played the saxophone. The result is a very relaxed, musical and free style the absolutely reminds you of John Coltrane.

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