The Modern mixtape update #002

Notes on update #002 of The Modern mixtape.

Belinda Reynolds is a new  acquaintance for me. Elegant and beautiful.

Helmut Lachenmann can be quite hard to digest but when you do it can be very rewarding. He is considered one of Germany’s most important composer. His music has been described as musique concrète instrumentale. The easiest way to explain it is that it is composed with other parameters than more traditional classical music. He generally replaces notes with timbre and the sound that is produced on an instrument. The music is generally acoustic, sometimes with electronic amplification.

Pierre-Laurent Aimard have recently recorded his monumental “piano concerto” Ausklang. I think that he is a very interesting pianist. He is doing both traditional repertoire like the Beethoven piano concertos with Nikolaus Harnoncourt and contemporary music like his recording of Ligeti’s piano études.

One of Lachenmann’s students is the French composer Mark Andre. You might regard him as a blend of the avant-garde aesthetics from Darmstadt and the live electronics from IRCAM. über, from 2015, is a work for orchestra, clarinet and live electronics.

Jo Kondo is a Japanese contemporary composer. He refer his style as sen no ongaku which translates to linear music, or the more poetic row of endless tones. The result is music which is conceived like one continuous , endless line. Much like Morton Feldman in his late music. Listen, for instance, to Aquarelle and Bonjin.

One of his students is the American composer Linda Catlin Smith. She have also studied for Morton Feldman. That comes through in works like Among The Tarnished Stars. Beautiful and calm.

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