Etude 1

I have been working with contrasting parameters lately. Mostly harmony but also “dirty” sound vs “clean” sound. Patterns and contrasts are, for me, very important elements in music.

These sounds are basically filtered white noise, so called subtractive synthesis. The bandwidth of the filters control how “clean” or “dirty” the sound is.

The harmony is based on two contrasting spectrums. The first on is an ordinary harmonic spectrum and the other one is based on the golden section.

I have been using patterns in supercollider to “play” the instruments. It allows you to construct everything from simple sequences to nested and user defined patterns. It is very easy to “play” the patterns with instruments. The following example plays an instrument called myInstrument. The parameters named startPan and endPan comes from a Pseq which is a simple sequence pattern.

p = Pbind(
  \instrument, \myInstrument,
  #[startPan, endPan], Pseq([
    [-0.9, -0.5],
    [-0.5, -0.9]
  ], 1)

One other thing that I have been using is audio buses. They allow you to make instruments that reads sound from one bus, process it and then sends the processed sound back out on the bus. You can have many buses and make the connections between the instruments and buses when you play them. This is very convenient when you want to make “effect” instrument such reverbs.