The Classical mixtape #004

Notes about update #004 of The Classical Mixtape.

Haydn is one of my favourite composers. He has a way to work and develop musical material that makes him one the greatest. The way he develops a small but dramatic motif of four notes in the first movement of the 83rd Symphony for instance.

I also think his music often has maturity and afterthought. Often with rough edges, but with great sense of humour and a big heart. The second movement in the 31th piano sonata for instance is a great example of that. Emanuel Ax recording with Haydn piano sonatas, especially the late album, must be one of my favourite albums with Haydn piano music. He reflects this maturity and afterthought in a light and fluent way of playing.

William Alwyn was English composer that died 1985. He wrote a lot of film scores but also symphonies, concertos and string quartets.

Concerto in E-flat “Dumbarton Oaks” is a chamber concerto by Igor Stravinsky that was written during his Neoclassical period and completed in 1938. It was premiered on Dumbarton Oaks in 1938 with Nadia Boulanger as the conductor.

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Haydn 50: Spotify Picks is a Spotify playlist with the best music by Haydn.

I really like Haydn more and more. The music is always well-balanced and often with a great sense of humor. Many have wondered how Haydn could learn how to write such beautiful music. He did not have a Haydn as a teacher like Mozart and Beethoven did.

Here are some highlights that I think is worth mention.

The first movement of symphony number 22. A slow constantly evolving dialog between horns, strings and english horn accompanied by a steady and subtle bass line.

Piano sonata number 62especially when performed by Anne Queffélec. It is by many considered his greatest piano sonata.

Adagio from the first cello concerto in C, just because it’s so beautiful.

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