The Modern mixtape update #001

Notes on update #001 of The Modern mixtape.

The label Divine Arts have released two fantastic albums with music with the Russian composer Vyacheslav Artyomov. One with On the Threshold of a Radiant World and one with Gentle Emanation. Both are part of the tetralogy Symphony of the Way. Russian, powerful and beautiful.

New South American Discoveries is a really good album with new South American music. Miguel Harth-bedoya conducts The Norwegian Radio Orchestra. I especially like Mecánica by Sebastián Vergara.

Group 180 was a Hungarian minimalist ensemble formed in 1978 behind the iron curtain. One of the founders was the composer Tibor Szemző. The music is more European and harsh then it’s American counterparts. A bit like Louis Andriessen.

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Minimalism: Harold Budd

Minimalism is a Spotify playlist with minimalist, post-minimalist and ambient music.

Harold Budd is an American composer and pianist, born 1936. His music is characterized by slow and beautiful ambient music, often with piano. He has been an recording artist since the seventies.

He is most famous for a number of ambient recordings he has made with Brian Eno. Notably The Pearl and Ambient 2/The Plateaus Of Mirror.

In 1972 he made the groundbreaking album The Pavilion Of Dreams. Jazzy, Minimalistic and Ambient. It was his first album that was produced by Brian Eno.

Avalon Sutra from 2004 was supposed to be his last recording. He had trouble getting someone to release it but David Sylvian came to the rescue and released it on his label.

Lucky enough, he have done albums after Avalon Sutra. For instance, his collaboration with Jane Maru in Jane 1-11 and Jane 12-21.

An interview with Harold Budd in The Guardian can be read here, The most surprising thing is that he don’t own a piano and think that they are ugly. “Architecturally speaking, and in other ways. So to actually live with a piano? Well, that would really insult my aesthetic sense.”

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Minimalism: Julius Eastman

Minimalism is a Spotify playlist with minimalist music.

Julius Eastman was an African-American composer, pianist, vocalist and dancer that lived from 1940 to 1990 in New York. As a singer he is most remembered for his recording of Eight Songs for a Mad King.

Unfortunately most of his work is lost. Toward the end of his life he had an escalating drug problem that got him evicted from his apartment and that’s when most of his scores got lost.

As a composer he wrote mostly minimalism music, often with provoking titles. His most famous works are three pieces for four pianos. Evil Nigger, Crazy Nigger and Gay Guerilla.

Mary Jane Leach performed a research for a total of seven years where she tried to find recordings and scores for Eastman’s work. She have described it on her website, here. One outcome of the research is a triple CD called Julius Eastman: Unjust Malaise.

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